Michal Tłaczała from IBM Wrocław Poland is my mother’s killer!


Update 22/Sep/2021: I know from my “sources” that Michał Tłaczała from IBM Wrocław promised a suitcase with money to prosecutor Marius Crivăţ if he kills my mother and I “sell” to IBM.

In December 2014, my mother (who died in 2019) was hospitalized at the University Hospital in Bucharest at the exact same time when I was cursing IBM by e-mail and prosecutor Marius Crivăț was doing Gang Stalking with me and did not know how to find out for Michal Tłaczała from IBM why my manager Cristina Dinuleț fired me. Suddenly, when my mother was discharged, she was found with Hep B. I have good reason to believe that prosecutor Marius Crivăț infected her with a syringe using a nurse, my mother being my only source of income if I didn’t have a job.

In 2017, my mother was hospitalized again and the doctor from the hospital told us to take her home because she can’t do nothing for her anymore. I took her home and I found on the internet a natural treatment with which I extended her life by two years. I took the treatment from outside Romania and once the prosecutor Marius Crivăț, using his influence, kept the treatment in customs and the courier did not bring it to me until two days later. My mother was my only source income.

In 2019 after my mother died (liver complications from Hep. B) I got a job at Glovo, FoodPanda, Tazz, BeeFast and I lost all these jobs because of prosecutor Marius Crivăț from DIICOT and Michal Tłaczała from IBM.

I tend to believe that this prosecutor Marius Crivăț is blackmailed by Michal Tłaczała and uses him out of interest against me to lose my jobs otherwise he tells him what he did and Michal Tłaczała Member of The Management Board in IBM Wroclaw Poland coordinated the murder of my mother.

I also fear for my life that this prosecutor may stab me on the street with an infected needle.

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