IBM Poland uses a DIOCT prosecutor to send a former employee to the psychiatry ward.

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After refusing to prostitute himself within the company, IBM Wroclaw Poland calls prosecutor Marius Crivăț with the DIOCT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) to send a former employee to the psychiatry ward for life, WITHOUT EVIDENCE in his file!

UPDATE 18/Sep/2021: Michal Tłaczała from IBM Wroclaw Poland is my mother’s killer!

Aleksandra Stepien

In 2010 I started working for IBM Wroclaw Poland as an IT Specialist. My then manager, Aleksandra Stepien (Petrova, photo) asked sexual favours from me for a carrier within the company. One day she sat with her bottom on my desk and started to talk to my colleagues while I was working on my laptop. Another time, after a teambuilding she drove me home and I told her to drop me off on the main road, but she asked whether I didn’t want her to drop me off closer.

Cristina Dinulet

After she changed the team, she brought another manager in her stead, Cristina Dinuleț (Livadariu, Romanian, photo) who started bullying me in a way typical for the prostitution within corporations, using work colleagues who had no idea I was asked to prostitute myself. Either I was leaving the company and they would “take care” that I will get employed by another company, by providing a negative feedback on me, or I started playing their game or I prostituted myself.

Monika Slomiany

After two years, around 2012, I took the problem up to Human Resources where another prostitute from the company enters in scene, namely Monika Slomiany (photo), HR Business Partner, who after having told me that she would speak to another manager for me to change teams, she expected that I bought her a “beer” before she did her job.

When I see that no one moves me to a different team, I escalated further to the 2nd Line Manager, Marcin Kolodziej. He organizes a meeting with me and Monika Slomiany where she behaves like Scarlett Johansson in Lucy. The meeting has no result, they don’t move me to a different team.

Michal Tlaczala

Then I take it further to 3rd Line Manager, Michal Tlaczala (photo). He, like a smart boy (not knowing that I was required to prostitute myself) fires me from the company because he didn’t want to do his job either. It’s a good thing he wasn’t gay or he would have asked me to prostitute myself too! The reasons of my being fired are here!

After having been fired, I started to look for another job and, as I had suspected, what do you know, no one was hiring me. I’ll be damned! With 3 years experience and 3 Microsoft courses I can’t find a job? Of course not, as those where I applied called IBM and they were careful to provide a negative feedback about me so that my future employees would loose interest in me.

What do I do? I start attacking the company with e-mails. I sent so many emails that the employees could no longer work and what does IBM do? They ring to Romanian Police at Station 21. Actually, the former manager, Cristina Dinuleț had sent an email and I provided a statement, they didn’t fine me (because I had no salary, I was unemployed), I didn’t tell them that they had asked me to prostitute myself, but only that they were lying to other companies about me. I didn’t stop sending emails and then DIOCT enters the scene! But IBM sends no evidence to my file and 3 boys from DIOCT come to my house with a warrant without any legal foundation. The reason of the search: the home search is necessary because in the mentioned building evidence could be found in connection with the crimes for which the initiation of the criminal investigation in question was ordered. Well then, I say you issue such warrants for all the population of the country, perhaps then you will find something in someone’s home. The judge who issued the warrant: Terceanu Valeriu Mihail.

I go to the hearing, the prosecutor Marius Crivăț shows me no file, but you go ahead and state that you’re sending emails, as we have no evidence! And I state that I am sending emails (I didn’t tell them they asked me to prostitute myself), I don’t see what the problem is if they lie about me to other companies so they loose their interest of hiring me! And they decide to put me under judicial review for two months. This happened in June 2015. After which I was under judicial review for two months, one of the boys who came to my house, inspector Marius Manică calls me for an informatics expertise of my laptop. What do you know? The seal of the laptop was no longer the same. But I see that this is a common method in DIICOT practice. Then why did they call me to the Police if they had already done an expertise of my laptop? To ask me about IBM. I spoke to inspector Marius Manică about IBM and about the former manager Cristina Dinuleț. After which they extend my judicial review for another two months. But why don’t you submit the file to court? What are you waiting for? Evidence? Are you waiting for me to speak nicely about IBM and Cristina Dinuleț?

During this time, I submit requests (emails, faxes) to the General Prosecutor’s Office, to the attention of the former General Prosecutor of Romania, Tiberiu Nitu to show me the file, to submit it to court, to return my laptop, to cancel my judicial review (reply: your requests have been forwarded to the DIOCT; that is I was complaining that the prosecutor Marius Crivăț steps in for IBM and that there was no evidence in my file and they were sending my complaints to Marius Crivăț), to the Bucharest Criminal Court to the President of the Court Laura Andrei (reply: the file was forwarded to the DIOCT, another reply was that they will not give me the file because it’s with the judge for redaction, but I can’t find the sheet anymore), to the DIOCT to the former Department Chief Prosecutor Constantin Daniel Horodniceanu (reply: your requests were not founded; that is I am telling them that there is no evidence in the file and that the prosecutor Marius Crivăț steps in for them and to return my laptop and they are telling me that my requests have no basis). No one wants to give me any file. Until I’ve filed a complaint with the Judiciary Inspectorate, they didn’t give me any file. I go to have a look at it and what do you know? There is no evidence in the file! This is an “evidence” that 400 IBM employees struggle to block my emails, but nothing proves that it’s me who’s sending emails to the company, so on what kind of accusations are you coming into my house? And if I sent so many emails (they say 50 million), why didn’t they file any evidence if it’s so bad that the company employees can no longer work?

I didn’t know who filed the complaint until I saw my file. I was sending curses to IBM and I was cursing the 2nd liner, Marcin Kołodziej, and when I saw the file and saw 3rd line manager and Member of the Board of Directors, Michał Tlaczala, I understood what was going on. This psychopath (as I was working inside the company I know them) was coordinating prosecutor Marius Crivăț with the DIOCT and he was telling him what to write on the warrant, what answers to provide me when they were refusing my requests to see my file, on the reason that if I saw his name in the file I would go and do something to him! He wanted to see whether prosecutor Marius Crivăț plays his game and prosecutor Marius Crivăț really wanted to do something for the IBM. While I was under judicial review, the IBM psychopath Michal Tlaczala the case coordinator was playing at two ends: He was asking current and former IBM employees to contact me on Facebook and to tell me to call the managers and to apologize. He thought that if police came into my house I would s*^t myself with fear!

Seeing that there is no evidence in the file (and even with evidence in the file, no one can send me to jail for this), that they are not returning my laptop and that no one was hiring me anyway, I started sending emails again to the company, from my phone to the Cloud, this time cursing Michal Tlaczala, DIOCT case coordinator. I was compelled to apologize or no one would hire me anymore! DIOCT, don’t you have any other files?

Then what does prosecutor Marius Crivăț do? He orders a psychiatric expertise on me! Of course, coordinated by the IBM psychopath Michal Tlaczala. I was the crazy one because I don’t find a job, because I didn’t prostitute myself in the company, because I was not playing their games, because I didn’t apologize to the managers ‎and the DIOCT prosecutor had to “wash” his hands that he had intervened for IBM without evidence and put me crazy‎. I had to be admitted into the psychiatric ward, as if DIOCT couldn’t come take my phone and fine me.

I went to the “Mina Minovici” National Forensic Medicine Institute (N.F.M.I.) with Inspector Marius Mănică (who asked me again about IBM and Cristina Dinuleț before they assessed me) and three doctors (women) started assessing me: they asked if I was gay, if I masturbate, if I have Microsoft courses, what games do i like on the computer, another one was reading my file behind me, sat on a couch and she was laughing her ass off on what I had written there and the commission concluded the following: The Said (I) displays persistent delirious disorder, his judgement is increasingly low in connection with the facts he is investigated for, the commission recommending applying the security medical measures provisioned by art. 109 Criminal Code (compulsory medical treatment), otherwise the evolution of the psychic disorder risking of becoming dangerous. I was dangerous, I had to be admitted to the loony bin because I was sending emails and I had to swallow pills, as it was written on the medicine’s sheet: it stops SPAM electronic messages! The prosecutor Marius Crivăț pulled the strings with the Mina Minovici Institute to officially diagnose me as a crazy person!

I did not stop sending emails and they submit my file to court. The Bucharest Criminal Court denies DIOCT’s request of medical admission and they appeal to the Court of Appeal. Judge: Radu Adina Adriana. I tell her during the hearing that there is no evidence in the file and she send me to the psychiatric ward on imaginary facts! From my experience while in the criminal court I noticed that it doesn’t matter what you are saying as a defendant, you can even be right, the judge will take the prosecutor’s word, they don’t even read the files for the hearing! And prosecutor Micu Cristinel had no idea what was in the file, but he kept going repeating over and over that I was crazy, mentally disordered, that I had to be admitted. On the day they took me to the psychiatric ward, 3 boys came again to my house (one of them was new) with a warrant issued by judge Anca Saru. This time they mentioned a law on the warrant: Disturbing the informatics systems and blackmail. The blackmail was something like: If you don’t call me to give me back my job you don’t know how much I can harm you and IBM. But was this also in the file or did you just make it up on the warrant? But I also threatened to beat them! Why didn’t they file the threats as well? Do you read the files when you issue home search warrants? If there is no evidence in the file how did you conclude that I disturbed the informatics systems? And they took another router and two smartphones.

Why didn’t they send any evidence to the file? If I had seen any evidence in the file I would have opened my mouth about them asking me to prostitute myself; otherwise, lacking evidence, I knew no one would convict me and I didn’t say anything to anyone, because if the IBM psychopath would have found out he would have covered it up; he knew there was something between me and Cristina Dinuleț, but he didn’t know what. On the other hand I didn’t know how the judicial system works and that the judge listens to the prosecutor. I thought they judged, they listen to what you have to say, they read the files and they would discharge me for lack of evidence, then they would return my electronic devices and I could start cursing them in peace.

P.S. In 2009, Prosecutor Marius Crivăț released a paedophile after he had raped a 14 years old minor, for the following reason: the first file was not solid, and the prosecutor didn’t risk taking him to court, as he would have lost, and this would have been bad for his career. But it didn’t harm his career on my case without evidence.

The psychiatric ward experience:

The Psychiatric Hospital Săpoca:

Admitted on December 2015:

Do you see this picture? They were all patients with me, my colleagues, so to say, I recognize every one of them from behind. The news is as real as it gets and it’s from 2019, (a patient had killed another 4 patients and he had injured another 9) when I had already been discharged. They were going to the shop inside the hospital courtyard, we were allowed to go to the shop twice a day. We weren’t allowed to drink Cola and coffee because they were harmful when mixed with medicine.

A colleague/patient, after he had been moved to another ward where there were no restrictions from what they bought from the shop (including Cola and coffee) had a heart attack and died. There was a lot going on there: I was kicked in the butt and I was slapped on the back of my head for no reason by some of the crazy people. If you got into a fight, they would take you to a padded room, they would tie you to the bed and they would increase the medicine dose. One of my room mates was a former Manager of a construction company, nice one, great chess player, who had killed his mother. He had an obsession with grabbing, pulling and squeezing our testicles, breasts, bottom and he also bit my hand. He was joking, but we had had enough. If we complained to the doctors they would increase his medicine dose, but nothing would happen. The psychiatric medicines are not made to treat any illnesses, but only to calm one down. That is, if you are angry they turn you into such a vegetable that you can’t even control the spit in your mouth.

I would like to add some information and to say that during the first month, December 2015, I was admitted into the Obregia Clinical Psychiatric Hospital in Bucharest, where, because I refused the medicines, two nurses, two guards and one patient came and struggled to tie me to the bed (I allowed them to tie me, because I think the guards would have beaten me) and they gave me an injection which doze me off (for about two days) after which I untied myself off the bed and I took the strings to the nurses. The Obregia doctors were aware that the Police would bring them mentally sane patients, but in Săpoca, none of the doctors noticed I wasn’t crazy.

Dr. Dobre Luminita Mihaela, the lady doctor who cared for me in Săpoca, a very nice girl otherwise (photo) would see me as a very cute boy, but one who would have a problem. But do I need to be admitted to the psychiatric ward together with crazy people and criminals for emails? To a MAXIMUM security hospital!?

How did I get out of the hospital when I could have stayed there for life!? You have one chance a year! Once a year, a commission made up of doctors and prosecutors/judges comes down and they assess you. Of course, it depends on the crime, because if you committed murder they wouldn’t discharge you after a year, and all I did was sending emails! How could I have stayed for life!? If I would have answered YES to the question “Do you think the IBM employees had something against you?”, they would have still kept me there; if I would have answered NO, then I had chances to leave. So I started playing crazy! Yes, it’s in my head, I am guilty, I am not right in the head, I was saying, while the doctor lady, Lumința Dobre, didn’t realize I was lying, while I was gazing into her eyes. I didn’t tell her that the employees had asked me to prostitute myself. That would have been it, she would have thought I was completely crazy. Well, if I would have told her that my ex manager, Aleksandra Petrova had sat with her bottom on my desk, starting to talk with my work colleagues while I was there, working at my desk… I think she would have made a face and would have said she had never heard such a thing and she would have increased my medicine dose.

After a year, the Forensic Psychiatric evaluation Commission assemblies at the Ojasca ward of the Săpoca Hospital and I am recommended for discharge provided I would take medical treatment for life. I get out of the hospital on December 2016 (plus Hospital Discharge Note and a part of the report). I had to go to the MHL (the Mental Health Laboratory) near my home, on a monthly basis, to take my medicines, otherwise I would have been returning to the Săpoca Psychiatric Hospital and I would have stayed there for at least two years. Any criminal offence I would have committed would have taken me back to the hospital, not prison, as I was deemed to be mentally disturbed.

But let’s go back to DIOCT and to IBM. No sooner I return home, that the case coordinator, the psychopath Michal Tlaczala was waiting for me on Facebook with his colleagues to see when I would have internet access, as he knew I no longer had laptop and mobile phones. Then the prosecutor Marius Crivăț sent me another 100 RON fine to pay. With what money, my friend, I had been unemployed for almost 4 years? Do you think I made any money while in hospital? But the psychopath was coordinating and I wasn’t looking for a job, I stayed home, and he insisted, with his colleagues, to pay attention to me on Facebook. And then I say: let me apply to IBM. I apply to IBM and within 5 minutes the postman knocks on my door and subpoenas me to the DIOCT. I had to sign an agreement of guilt admission, as if I hadn’t already admitted to sending the emails to the company and if I had admitted (says the coordinated prosecutor) I would be convicted for less time with suspension. But didn’t you want me to execute it? I get out of the psychiatric hospital and you wanted me to go to jail? He had filed a complaint, together with Atos Bydgosczc, as I had sent emails there as well, because meanwhile, the former manager Cristina Dinuleț was hired there after having fired me from IBM and I had applied for a job there, not knowing that she worked there, I had scheduled an interview with them in 2014, but no one called me at the time. They said they had called me but my phones were shut off. I told them: “Then let’s reschedule.” Do you think they replied my email?

I state that what I had already stated and I was convicted, in addition to all, to 2 years and a half with suspension and I was forbidden the right to communicate directly/indirectly via the internet with the IBM GSDC Polska, the harmed entity and on top of all I had to present to the Bucharest Probation Directorate on a monthly basis. So, I was going to the MHL and to the Probationary Office! I took my medicine prescription, I went and buy the medicines from the pharmacy, but I no longer swallowed them since getting out from the hospital and the side effects disappeared shortly after (my feet were sort of dangling when I was standing up in one spot). Meanwhile I found a break in the law and I started again to curse IBM (I had done a blog full of curses and I would send it as CV to other companies from Poland).

One day I went to the MHL, The Saint Stelian Addicted Youth Assessment and Treatment Center, where I was assigned to and the hospital doctor, Dr. Lucian Vasilescu (photo), told me that he had received some complaints issued by the Bucharest Criminal Court that I wasn’t leaving them alone (IBM) and I told him what was happening and that they were the ones not leaving me alone and he said it to my face: You are not crazy!

After two years, in 2019, fed up with sending my curses against IBM “CV” to other companies, I sent an email to the Wroclaw Police in Poland, telling them that I had lost my job because the former manager Cristina Dinuleț fired me from IBM because I didn’t prostitute myself with Aleksandra Stepien. Well, I had sent another email a year before, but I didn’t sign my real name and I didn’t tell them that they made me prostitute myself, but that there was a crazy man (Michal Tlaczala) and a prostitute (Monika Slomiany) who are firing people from the company for no reason and I sent the Police in the company, and they took statements from both of them.

After I sent them the email from the above link, I posted it on the blog (I will not post the curses blog here) and I sent them by email, massively, to the other companies in Poland, big corporations, to the Polish Government, to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, so on, with the subject: Complaint to Police that IBM Wroclaw practice prostitution. I was sending SPAM mails! What do you know? No DIOCT knocked on my door any longer, no one from the Police called anymore, no judged issued any other warrant for Marius Crivăț to take away my electronic devices. Moreover, I didn’t go to the Probationary Office any longer (because it is far away), I didn’t go to the MHL any more. No DIOCT showed up on my door to arrest me or to admit me to hospital and I didn’t pay the 1000 RON fine either!

And we are in 2021. I am sending SPAM mails as we speak. On New Year’s, on January 2021 I sent emails to IBM to almost 2000 employees. What do you know, they have a filter! They knew how to set a filter so my emails would no longer run on their screens and disturb their activity! But what, do they need 400 employees to set a filter? You only need one person, but they didn’t want to block emails because they needed a reason to ring DIOCT, now that they’ve seen that Marius Crivăț no longer interferes for them, they set a filter on their servers. I can still send emails, but not massively, to disturb their activity. Now and then I release an insult, I pull their leg.

After it was found out all over IBM Wroclaw and not only there that they fired me for not prostituting myself, from how proud they were in 2016 that DIOCT stepped in from them, they became such garbage that no one hires them any longer. If I posted on my blog with the complaint filed with the Wroclaw Police in Poland, I would have trended to the first place with my post within 3 hours but the admins would have deleted my post and they would have blocked me.

Now, dear Michal Tlaczala, Monika Slomiany, Aleksandra Stepien and Co., keep searching for a job and see who hires you anymore. Apply to Microsoft, Oracle, Atos, so on, which you had calling me for a said job (you wanted to find out what did I do that I had the greatest Counter-Strike servers in Romania), see if they hire you.

Why did I do this website now and not earlier? I thought the Police had honor, ‎and that the prosecutor Marius Crivăt was fooled by them and he will get on them when he finds out that he was used by prostitutes and crazy‎ people ‎but he got his hands dirty consciously and couldn’t back down to his bosses to accept that he came into my house without evidence and that he used the judges to give him warrants and since I got out from the hospital and until now, DIOCT has performed social experiments on me and they are following me for nothing. They can’t believe that the IBM psychopath Michal Tlaczala lied to them and I’m not doing nothing. Moreover, they have even provoked me hoping that maybe I will do something to have something on file against me to wash his hands for using a judge. For instance: they had some kids throw stones at me and swear at me. And on top of that they tried to do something else for them, as if prosecutor Marius Crivăț is on the IBM Poland payrole, he became a sort of the IBM representative at DIOCT. Once they sent me to a client (I no longer work in IT, but DIOCT has access to the electronic systems where I work) and they had that guy call me stupid, thinking that who knows what I would do and my current employer would fire me and „I would sell myself” to IBM. Therefore, sick with their social experiments, I also filed a criminal complaint with the NAD (The National Anticorruption Directorate) against the prosecutor Marius Crivăț and against judge Radu Adina Adriana with the Court of Appeal.

They sent it to the DICAJS (The Department for Investigating the Criminal Acts within the Justice System) and the DICAJS replied: we want names! Well you have them on your file, you could at least hear me but you know which prostitutes, crazy people and thieves is all about ‎and that there is no evidence on file‎, and I didn’t make any hopes that any prosecutor or judge would go to prison.